Let’s hope this doesn’t get to be a habit!


by Doug Lawrence

A good friend recently sent us a Christmas card, along with an enclosed, thoughtful little gift.

To show our appreciation, I decided to enclose in his Christmas card, a gift card to a local restaurant that he was known to frequent.

I was at the store, selecting the gift card, when I happened to mention to a fellow shopper what a nice surprise it was to receive the card and enclosed gift from our friend – and that I wanted to properly reciprocate – and that’s why I was taking a bit more time than usual to pick out my gift card.

My fellow shopper replied (with a straight face, and as far as I know, was being totally serious), “Let’s hope this idea of sending little gifts to each other doesn’t get to be a habit!”


Things like this always remind me of the day my mom sternly cautioned my taxi-cab driver brother, “Now don’t go picking up any strangers!”

You can’t make this stuff up.

gift box photo: Ebay

taxi cab picture: clipartlord.com



  1. I suspect you were “punked” by a pro.

    This Thanksgiving, my brother from TX mentioned on the phone that they were having “stuffed turducken” for dinner. “I hear that a turducken may be a sign of the end times, one of those ‘abomination of desolation’ things,” I replied.

    After a long pause, my brother said: “Well…there’s really no such thing as a turducken. Fearing a trap (because my brother is really smart), I did not acknowledge, but changed the subject.

    Which one of us was “punked”? You be the judge.

    • They sell turduckens – made by legitimate purveyors of meat and poultry – at my local grocer. I’ve seen them. As to whether such a thing is actually a sign of the End of Days – “Who am I to judge?”


      • Do they sell jackalopes there, too?

  2. Mark,
    You were really WISE to drop the subject!
    Obviously, a Joke!
    We used to exchange gifts, with my Family….GAG GIFTS( really quite sick, by outsiders!)

    I have NEVER got into the habit of giving Friends or Acquaintances gifts! Expectations always occur, Nip it in the bud!!! Give to the Poor, who Need It!
    I dread my next-door neighbors annual “Candle or Cookie Gift”—-as usual, with my husband working in the Spirits Industry, we give them Liquor!

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