Nelson Mandela’s legacy is soiled by his support for virtually unrestricted abortions – many of them at government expense.


Nelson Mandela (R.I.P.) achieved great things. He thanked God for his blessings by forcing upon South Africans one of the most heinously open abortion legislations, or, in the words of the Guttmacher Institute, “one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world“: the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1996. It allows abortion on demand up to the 20th week; after it and up to birth for “serious medical reasons”; and, as amended in 2004, allows registered nurses and midwives to perform abortions as well before the 12th week.

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    Those who do not know their history, will repeat it!

  2. What abut Genocide & Communism ?
    Hey, Obama likes him enough, to lower the Flag! He must be Good!

  3. Hey, Nelly! You got some ‘splainin’ to do!

    • Wouldn’t you like to be an Angel, when Nelly is approached, by the Lord, for Judgent,for his deeds on Earth?
      Like Adam, he can”t Blame His Wife. 🙂

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