Jesus Never Said…


Submitted by Bob Stanley


  1. Just yesterday, one of our pastors preached an engaging and educational sermon on the muscular (in every way) St. Nicholas—including his militant response to a certain heritic. Fr. Tom presented this not to the disparagement of any Santa Claus traditions, but in order to thoroughly distinguish the two personae. I might add that his enthusiasm and dedication are always infectious.

    He asked me later if I thought he might have alienated the Santa Clausistas. “Fr. Tom,” I replied, “You job is not to pander to all sensibilities, but to speak the truth and speak it well. You did that today. The rest is up to your listeners and God.”

  2. Mark,
    St, Nicholas, the Patron Saint of children in the Greek Orthodox Church, cannot be venerated by the Roman Catholic Church, now!
    Is this true?
    Your answe, could be a Deal Breaker. 🙂

    • Never heard of such a proscription. My Dominican parish annually observes the great saint’s feast with a special event for our children.

      But don’t break any deals on my word alone.

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