Pope Francis launches “new and improved” Vatican version of Lyndon Johnson’s failed “Great Society”

Caritas International has initiated their first global campaign to eradicate hunger, promoting the basic human right to food, and encouraging fraternal solidarity in ensuring that everyone has enough.

In a video message for the Dec. 10 press conference announcing the launching of the campaign, Pope Francis stated that “I am happy to announce to you the launch of a campaign against global hunger by our very own ‘Caritas Internationalis’ and to tell you that I intend to give my full support.”

The Pope highlighted that the work of Caritas, a relief agency of the Church, “is at the heart of the mission of the Church and of Her attention towards all those who suffer because of the scandal of hunger.”


Editor’s note: As if this is in any way new! I’m beginning to think that Cardinal Bergoglio was locked up in a cell for the last 50 years, with only the Spanish version of “The Liberal’s Political Playbook and Manifesto” to read!

And all this time I thought that high youth unemployment and lonely old people (according to Pope Francis – last month) were the real problems!

Here’s an idea: Maybe they’re trying to re-live 1965  – desperately hoping for a “mulligan” on Vatican II, this time around!


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  1. There is no “basic human right to food.” To say so is ethical nonsense.

    “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God…and thy neighbor as thyself.”

    What, in that Divine quotation, even implies a “right” to food. The commandment is all about responsibility: to God and to others.

    Our right to life is a true right: God-given. Anything else is up to us.

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