Pope Francis named 2013 Time Magazine “Person of the Year”


Pope Francis, who has grabbed headlines for befriending a rabbi, sneaking out to help the homeless, and hanging out with kids, is Time’s “Person of the Year.”

The leader of the Catholic Church edged out nine other finalists, including National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden and gay marriage advocate Edith Windsor, for the honor.

Obama was Time’s 2012 “Person of the Year.” But the Pope, who the magazine said has changed the tone of the church since succeeding Pope Benedict earlier this year, was selected this year’s “POY” recipient, given to someone who has the “most impact on our lives, for better or worse.”

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Editor’s note: Shall we look for Motor Trend Magazine to name the Pope’s white, 1984 Renault “Car of the Year” – or is this the best we can hope for?



  1. In becoming a Time “Person of the Year,” Francis joins a gallery of—with few exceptions—rogues. Some would think Time’s 2013 choice appropriate on that score alone.

  2. It would be an ENORMOUS entry, in a Papal Scrapbook!
    To think you WON out, on ALL “The Good People!”. 🙂

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