New theory: The visible Universe is actually a giant hologram.


And perhaps God has a holographic “mind”! – Ed.

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  1. The Hologram, that God made!
    God made Earth, to sustain, his Creation…….to PERFECTION!
    The Universe is His Creation and Mystery!!!

  2. “Physicists say it’s possible”?

    Physicists have also been claiming, for decades, that there is global warming into the indefinite future, and that it is caused by man. That happened after they quit claiming that we would all freeze or starve or both to death by 1980. Now that we’re all still alive and eating, and average temperatures have not changed to any significant degree (except to cool a little), some are beginning to predict another ice age.

    Meanwhile, there are highly-degreed eggheads saying that the Earth is just a holodeck? I’d say they all have too much time and research $$ on their hands.

    • Mr Gore, the Inventer of The Internet, made his Fortune, on scaring ppl on Global Warming, with, the Hope of having a “Carbon Tax!”
      What a SCAM! …..Consider the Source!

      There is only ONE God, who Knows EVERYTHING!
      These Wanna-Know, little gods, with their sky-rocketing intelligence, are NO COMPETITION, for the Creator of the Universe! They have Finite Lives, and only have a Limited Time, to expouse, their Atheist/Humanistic Theories.
      All,the D. Thomas’s, out there….simply, Have Faith In God!!!

      Another Nation, Heard from. 🙂

      • Mathematics is the language which explains virtually every aspect of the observed universe, and that’s what the physicists are relying on to justify their theories. So they are triumphantly beating their chests, dealing with very limited data, not knowing what they don’t know. I have no doubt that when God finally reveals the truth of all these things, the proud and the profane are going to feel very embarrassed and ashamed. Merry Christmas!


      • @”Mathematics is the language…”

        Yes it is. Even if fugures don’t lie, liars figure. The universe-as-hologram fad is likely the product of lies, damn lies and statistics from physicists with nothing better to do and lots of resources to do it.

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