The Democratic Party now stands against what Catholics should believe.

Let’s make a list: abortion on demand, the contraceptive mandate, continued urban segregation, same-sex marriage, and unending illegal immigration. The list goes on.

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  1. A plethora of, Anti-Christian /Catholic World Views! This Separates the “Wheat from the Tares!” The Catholics that VIOLATE, God’s Word, do Not Have The Love of GOD- 1
    John The love the World….Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eye, and a Prideful Boaster God does not say, He does not, love the World and does not love His Creation…He says, He does not love his creation, that thinks more of the THINGS of this World!
    Those who believe in, Same Sex Marriage and Abortion, are TOTALLY of, this WORLD VIEW and NOT, of GOD’D View!
    I hope, I did not make that, too Confusing….but, the Platform of the Democrats, is clearly, not conformed to Christ, which makes it: A Spirit of AntiChrist! Would you, support, the outwardly, Worldly View of the Democrats? In essence, that is saying, I reject Christ, and His teaching!
    May God have Mercy, on these Souls!


  2. The day before the day before the day before the day before (etc. ad infinitum) yesterday’s news. Another stale headline: Catholics still voting Democratic.


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