The Vatican’s Left Turn Under Francis

American conservative Catholics who defend Pope Francis keep saying that Francis is truly orthodox, despite the fact that the liberal US media love him. Maybe they’re right. But the further we go into this pontificate, the more I wonder if liberals understand something about Pope Francis that conservatives do not.

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Editor’s note: Under Pope Francis,  if you like your Mass – and it’s Traditional – you’re a heretic and you CAN’T keep it!

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  1. Oh, where to begin here? How about “John Paul the what?”.

    Oh, does Dreher mean “John Paul the Great”? Excuse me while I hurl. There goes that media-driven personality cult, once again.

    Speaking of “once again”, we are here again confronted with the application of the term “conservative” to some American Catholics. And once again, I say: “The word ‘conservative’ has lost any definitional status, both politically and religiously. It has become utterly, meaninglessly relative.”

    The only worthwhile takeaway line from the linked article is its very last sentence. Now, excuse me while I weep.

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