The Nativity of Christ: Its Historic Reality


The fact is that after centuries of trying to cast doubt on the reality of Christ’s Incarnation into this world, we must say that all the evidence, when carefully examined, indicates that Christ lived in a definite time and place. He was who he said he was. No other explanation suffices to account for the evidence. The effort to show that Christ was unreal or something else has failed.

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  1. The odds, of Jesusof Nazareth, fulfilling all the Prophecies, in the OT, ARE Too SUPERNATURAL!!!
    Archeology and History substantiate the claim of God becoming Man for us!
    Satans Goal: to cast doubt, about the Real God ! The Father Of Lies, wants to take , the Unbelievers, to his kingdom of Hell! Sadly, many are going, to be Decieved!

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