Neither the condemnation of error, nor doctrine for that matter, ought to be considered the enemy of evangelization.

As reported by Zenit, speaking today before a gathering of some 350 Jesuits in Rome at a Mass of thanksgiving commemorating the Holy Father’s decision to canonize the first Jesuit priest, Peter Faber, the Bishop of the Diocese of Rome said:

… there is a temptation “that maybe many of us experience” of “linking the proclamation of the Gospel with inquisitorial beatings of condemnation. No, the Gospel is preached gently, fraternally , with love.”

Who exactly is he talking about, these “many of us” who are tempted to engage in “inquisitorial beatings of condemnation”? One thing is certain, he sure as heck isn’t talking about his brother Jesuits.

In any event, while the pope is simply remaining true to form in addressing the bad behavior of make-believe bogeymen, I suspect that this particular comment is related in some manner to another of Francis’ more prevalent tendencies; namely, his unbridled hostility toward those traditional Catholics…

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  1. “’This is why, being a Jesuit is to be a person of incomplete thoughts, open thought,’ he said.”

    So, a Jesuit is supposed to be open-minded. As in the old quip: “He’s so open-minded that his brains fell out!”

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