Modern Judaism’s most sacred scriptures, the Talmud and Zohar, are replete with expressions of Rabbinic Judaism’s dream of world empire – including annihilation of all their Gentile and Christian enemies.


Deep within Judaism’s most sacred rabbinic writings, the Talmud and Zohar (Kabbalah), there exists the obligation to overthrow existing Gentile and Christian society and establish a “new Jewish order.” Such Judaic teaching powerfully diminishes the value of Gentile lives, particularly today in Israel’s occupied territories and Lebanon.

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Editor’s note: Be sure to view the samples of actual, genuine documents near the bottom of the linked article.

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  1. “…including annihilation of all their Gentile and Christian enemies.”

    If this is true, then modern Jews and Muslims should be allies, not enemies.

    • If not for a long standing sibling rivalry.

      Also, both remain under the death curse of the old Mosaic law, for which Jesus Christ is the only antidote.


      • The Curse of the Law is for the Jews, not for the worshippers of Allah…..they have their own Curse!

      • Not so. Sharia Law is merely the Islamicized version of the Mosaic Law. Just one more thing Mohammed misappropriated and modified – to – suit, from the Holy Bible. Islam also erroneously maintains that Ishmael – not Isaac – was the son of the Abrahamic Covenant and heir to God’s promises. The Bible clearly names Isaac as the rightful heir.


      • Ishmael, the son of Hagor (The Egyptian maid) and Abraham, was the Father of The Arab Nation. These, followers of Islam, put in their Koran, that Abraham was to Sacrafice Ishmael, instead of the “Chosen One Isaac, by God” on Mt. Moriah! A Lie, of Satan, that over a Billion people believe! They have always wanted to set up their Caliphate, where Sharia Law, reigns Supreme and the World is in Submission to Islam(that’s what it means”Islam/Submission”!)

      • You are correct. They took and twisted OUR sacred scriptures in order to compile the bulk of their fatally flawed beliefs. The rest is history – along with a particularly retrograde form of nationalism. (Not that the Catholic Catechism would shed any light on this,at all.)


  2. I have always heard that the Talmud and Kabbalah were Satanic, so Never wanted to explore them further!
    Hey, the Music Idol, Madonna, openly admitted, she believed in the Kabbalah….does that not, tell you something???

  3. Later, Issac and Rebecca, had their twins, Esaul and Jacob….where Esaul traded his inheritance for Lentil stew. He ended up, following in Ishmaels Arab circle of Idol Worship, that were enemies of God!

  4. With homosexuality as their weapon, they have inflicted a deep wound on the west.

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