Four important things Pope Francis and Phil Robertson have yet to explain about the homosexual culture and other sexual lifestyles that the Bible and the Catholic Church deem to be immoral


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by Doug Lawrence

There’s much more to this homosexual union/faux marriage/shacking up thing than meets the eye. So far, neither the Pope (nor the Catholic Bishops) nor Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson have explained the significant personal considerations of such behavior.

1) According to the Bible and the Catholic Church, there is no doubt that virtually all deliberate, willful homosexual acts – as well as sexual intercourse and similar types of activity between men and women, not married to each other – are objectively sinful.

The only question that remains is whether God will choose to judge any particular person to be worthy of eternal punishment, as a result.

As far as we humans can know, anyone who is fully aware of the biblical/Catholic Church teachings on such matters and who still freely chooses to engage in them, will be subject to divine judgment.

There’s absolutely no way to honestly reinterpret the Bible in order to avoid this conclusion. Anything to the contrary is mere “spin” and/or deception. For more on this, see: The 4 sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

2)  The prohibition against homosexual depravity, adultery, fornication and other related sexual sins is DEFINITELY NOT something that was long ago consigned to the dust bin of history.

While it’s true that Jesus Christ personally fulfilled and then respectfully set aside the entirety of the Old Covenant Laws, Ordinances and Statutes, making them void and of no further effect – the full moral authority described in the Old Law was transferred to the Catholic Church, the sole governing authority of the New, better and everlasting Covenant, which was given to us personally by Jesus Christ, at the Last Supper.

The condemnation of homosexual acts and culture, of abortion, adultery, fornication and related sexual sins was in fact, promptly reinterpreted and readopted by the divinely appointed leaders of the fledgling New Covenant Catholic Church, according to the extraordinarily high moral standards personally established by Jesus Christ, while he still walked the earth, which deemed not just the acts themselves – but even deliberately thinking about doing them – to be gravely sinful.

Sensible people would do well to spend some quality time working out in their mind precisely why Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things, would according to his divine wisdom, so strongly caution his creatures (us) against even thinking about such things!

All those living in today’s New Covenant times are expected to live up to this higher standard, defined by none other than Jesus Christ – God himself – who redeemed us from the powers of darkness by his atoning sacrifice on the cross – and who thereby earned the right to judge both the quick and the dead, without exception.

These divine standards apply to all.  Not just Christians. The Catholic Church has been teaching and explaining this to people, all around the world,  for the last 2,000 years. In this age of instant information, there may still be some excuses for lack of faith in God or in his Catholic Church, but the case for invincible ignorance in  matters sexual is getting harder and harder to make, everyday!

3) The act of “shacking up” (living together as man and wife – whether homo or hetero – without benefit of sacramental matrimony) institutionalizes and makes permanent sinful, personal depravity.

Continuing to “live together in sin” – even if a firm purpose of amendment exists – means that genuine repentance is not possible – hence, these and other sins are not likely to be forgiven, unless and until the illicit living arrangement is discontinued. 

This is spiritually, an extremely dangerous condition in which to exist, since death and judgment might occur at any time. God prefers that we all live in peace, unafraid of death, according to his grace. See: A Last Chance for Lost Souls.

4) The necessity of enlightened prudential judgment and high personal moral standards, according to the clearly defined teachings, traditions and practices of the Catholic Church, as well as the absolute certainty of Divine Judgment by Jesus Christ, the Just Judge and Savior of ALL mankind, should as a practical matter, be considered a “given” – since the Bible and the Catholic Church unanimously hold that this sobering prospect applies to all – without compromise or exception.

The Bottom Line:

Legalizing, promoting and celebrating immoral, illicit heterosexual and/or homosexual lifestyles is the surest way of leading untold millions of souls to Hell. There’s absolutely no love in that!

The official Christian opposition to all forms of sexual immorality is based on inerrant, unchanging, divine mandate – plus thousands of years of practical experience in various world civilizations. The fact that many professed Christians fail to correctly practice their faith changes nothing.

The Catholic Church offers a number of practical and effective solutions for these and other major issues of the day – including complete and total absolution for a lifetime of sins, no matter how serious. The fact that corruption has always existed inside the Catholic Church, at one level or another, sadly diminishes but can never totally negate the Church’s divine power and authority, or its’ particular efficacy in the proper care of souls.

Jesus Christ remains the head of the Catholic Church and it his power alone that serves to keep the Catholic Church authentically holy and totally indefectible.

Please give all of this very serious consideration. A number of good links can be found (depending on your particular screen resolution) near the bottom of the page, or along the right hand margin.


  1. There is no probem with “shacking up” unmarried in a civil or church setting, as long as you “shack up” for life. The problem with being unmarried in a civil setting is most people turn it into fornification sooner or later by moving from partner to partner every seven years or so. Same thing with divorce.

    The problem with the current pope and ELCA “pastors”, as examples, is they do not explain Jesus’s own words properly.

    Rev 21 KJV
    8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    Revelation 22 (KJV)
    15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

    The word “dogs” does not mean canine, no more then it meant canine when God said not to:

    Deuteronomy 23:18 (KJV)
    18 Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog, into the house of the Lord thy God for any vow: for even both these are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

    Whoremongers is an interesting word by intself.

    By ignoring this and the Book of Jude, you end up “loveth and maketh a lie.” because homosexual conduct was a death sentence in the Old Testament and the New Testament ends it with being a death sentence.

    Why? It is a total rejection of God in body and spirit.


    • Dear John,

      Catholics understand the nature of matrimony as being more than just a covenant between one man and one woman, for life. By elevating matrimony to the level of a sacrament, matrimony becomes a holy covenant between the man, the woman and Jesus Christ, who is the bridegroom to which every member if the Church is already spiritually betrothed. No mere civil ceremony can ever do that. As for the rest of your comments, I generally agree.



      • My mother (divorced – with good reason) had three children, my mother in law (divorced – with good reason) had four children, and the only ones out of 7 children to be married and not divorced are my wife and I. We have been together for close to 30 years.

        I know the reason we lasted was because my wife put God before me and because then I too, ended up putting God before me. When you do that God graces the union beyond your comprehension and wishes.

        When you follow the command structure in the New Testament as it is clearly laid out, God, Jesus, husband, wife, children and do not abuse the position and look on your wife as a blessing from God that you did not deserve, things work out better in spite of yourself and your failings, imho.


      • Again,I tend to agree with you.

        It’s also good to remember that the “command structure in the New Testament” to which you refer was faithfully preserved, written, compiled, certified, authorized and widely proclaimed by none other than the bishops of the Catholic Church – hundreds of years before the holy book known as the Bible, ever existed.



      • Doug,
        Good Point, which non Catholic Christians easily dismiss !
        Ephesians 5, deals with Marriage, between a Man and a Woman!
        This IS a Great Mystery, which shows the Divine Love of Christ.
        Once you understand this, your own Marriage will be understood!

        I remember , at Mass, the Women, giggled and shrugged off the scripture about being subject to your Husband!
        It is not funny! Men should Love their Wives, as Christ loved the Church! Submission,has been turned into a “Dirty Word”‘ when it is a Holy Organizational , Journey into Love and Divine Love!


  2. Absolutely, NOTHING has Changed! Only today, we are not Punished for our sins, as in the OT….but unless we fully Repent, there will be NO ETERNAL LIFE! God is UNCHANGEABLE!


    • Actually, it’s God’s sanctifying grace that makes all the difference, courtesy of none other than Jesus Christ, who obtained that grace for us, offering it freely to all those who might believe in him, strive to live in his love, and receive life everlasting in Heaven, along with all the divinely promised rewards,



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