Oy vey! Pope Francis has begun drafting an encyclical on ecology.


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Editor’s note: Why the oy vey? The man who governs the church is now behaving like Jimmy Carter.

We have a pope who promotes himself like Barack Obama, governs like Harry Reid, and  has the “ecological sensitivity” of Jimmy Carter. What more could any Catholic want?


  1. He IS “EVERYMAN!”
    I am sure, the EVERYMAN loves Him!
    Jesus warned us Not to Love the World, by the Boastful Pride of Life, the Lust of the eye, and the Lust of the Flesh…he who loves the World, does not have the love of God!
    We are not to love the Creation, but the Creator!
    Yes, we are Stewards, of the Earth, but not worshippers of the Earth!
    A fine line, we walk on, in Ecology!!! Don’t Cha think???

  2. I can already see the Law of Unintended Consequences beginning to rear its ugly head.

  3. Like almost every other world leader during the last few decades, the last two Popes called for environment protection, too. Pope Benedict was even called “The Green Pope”. Where was your outrage then?

    • There is no outrage. Just criticism – along with a bit of dismay – regarding those who would promote the false, neo-pagan religion that some call environmentalism – which is also closely aligned with a number of marxist and socialist movements.

      As for the other popes – I didn’t like it then – and I have no use for it now – but with this pope’s track record, there’s no telling what the media will do with it.

      Thank you for commenting.


      • Doug,
        That’s the ISSUE!
        Atheist and Socialist believing, Hey, the Pope condones it, maybe the Ignorant Populace, may buy into it, and possibly deviate away from Christianity, ( of course, that’s NOT the Popes Intention!!!)
        The Secular Media would love to distort His Word……and make All Society Atheistic, against God!

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