A current-day case of apparent demonic activity and subsequent exorcism in Gary, Indiana

devil 4  memling  the devil

Read more to see what actually transpired and why the handling of these types of things is best left to the experts.

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  1. Demons TREMBLE at His Word!
    In Revelaion12:11 we our told we overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb(Christ) and the Word of our Testimony, and Love, not our Lives until Death!
    It looks like, these people, had .Demonic Possession!
    I would be curious, what Church, they belonged!
    Never, get Psychics involved! They, could actually be attracting Demonic Activity….against, God’s Will!

    Hey, I’ve got my own story, of Fly Invasion, where I actually was hysterical, with Fear! Kind of a WARNING!

    BTW….the 2nd Part of this Story, will be on The O’Reilly Factor, tonight, on Fox News Network.

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