The little known encyclical on Marriage that predated Humanae Vitae by almost 40 years


When the Anglican church at the Lambeth Conference of 1930 became the first Christian church or sect to break ranks with the 2000 year belief and practice of the Christian Faith regarding contraception, there was massive scandal in religious circles.  

The breech in doctrine was roundly derided even by most other “mainline” liberal protestant sects.  Of course, Pope Pius XI responded with the seminal Casti Connubii, which just absolutely castigated the Anglican position and still is the most comprehensive Magisterial statement on the evils of contraception and the “sex for pleasure” mentality that has ever been released.

All Catholics should read it – the differences between Casti Connubii and Humanae Vitae are stark.

Link to article

Read  Casti Connubii

Read Humanae Vitae


  1. Reblogged this on 1catholicsalmon and commented:
    A important document to be aware of. Such an important topic.

  2. The mentality, of “SEX for Pleasure” falls right into The Love Of The World….the scripture, that NO ONE Cares to Hear!!!
    Lust of the EYES
    Lust of the FLESH
    Boastful Pride of Life
    I never thought, I would say this:
    God gave pleasure in Sex, so that MARRIED, Man and Women, would Pro-create! Every other Sexual Union, is NOT of Gods Will!

  3. How very true Cathy,but alas this is not taught in our home’s, Church, or ‘Catholic schools.

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