Shameless support for Pro Abortion politicians leads to Girl Scout Cookie Boycott


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  1. I Promise to…Honor The Cookiecott!
    I was a Brownie and Junior GirlScout “Back In The Day!”

  2. More than bad enough and then some that the GSA is pro-abort, along with other bad things. Actually, that’s yesterday’s news.

    But did anyone know that their cookies might not even be made from real Girl Scouts?

  3. I love how religious men seem to think they have power over other people. You don’t believe in GOD you hide behind his power because he treated women as equals! read the whole bible and inform yourself! All you do is push whiney propaganda and shroud it behind your version of selected bible words! Jesus teaches love and understanding not hate on female children’s ability to show female power and learn what business is and can be. ALSO, you don’t know what it is like to be a women that gets pregnant and then gets left behind by an immature and/or selfish man who doesn’t want to deal with what the women ends up having to do! Excuse us for begging for the choice of weather they have to keep their baby or being forced to birth and raise a kid they can’t afford! here’s an idea how about you Catholics teach women about safer sex and how to prevent pregnancy instead of mameing them because they were not properly informed!

    • For the past 2000 years the Catholic Church has consistently promoted and protected all human rights, including women’s rights. Those who choose to do things according the ways of the world, the flesh and the devil tend to reap what they sow and often spend a lifetime trying to recover. Faithful Catholics also tend to reap what they sow, according the the Word of God and the Precepts of the Church, with much better results. And that’s the whole point! It seems as though you neither know or appreciate the fine points of Catholic living. That can be remedied by taking advantage of the extensive list of good Catholic sites to be found along the right side of my web page. Thank you writing. May God bless you and yours.


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