Seattle Seahawks tight end Luke Willson – practicing Catholic.

Have you always been able to connect your Catholic faith with sports?

My faith is a huge part of who I am today, and it always has been huge, ever since I was a child. My siblings and I were raised to believe what the Church teaches and to act in certain ways. Clear demarcation of right and wrong made decision-making pretty easy. That’s incredibly helpful for pursuing excellence in life, because you see what’s truly valuable and worth sacrificing for and also what you shouldn’t even bother to give attention to.

It’s an irreplaceable thing to be raised in the Catholic Church, where you have the teachings of Jesus passed down through the centuries. His goal is our eternal salvation, but even if you look only at the earthly benefits you get from being Catholic, they’re amazing. The peace of mind that comes from being in God’s will is awesome. I’m very grateful for the Catholic upbringing I had. Without it, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today. Not even close.

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Submitted by Robert K.


  1. “Read more”?

    I won’t bother. Rather, I would ask: Why do we have to invoke the cultural anomaly of a “practicing Catholic”—who is also an NFL star—to validate the fainthful Catholicism of practicing Catholics who never make it to any media headlines, or even sub-heads?

    • It beats reading about the latest exploits of “Shotgun” Joe Biden or “Swiftboat” John Kerry – not to mention “Nasty” Nancy Pelosi!


      • Well…I don’t read about them, either. Rather, I just continue trying to keep myself “fainthful” (sic my typo, above).

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