Unholy alliance: Catholics and Democrats in Chicago.


Over the span of 50 years the Democratic Party and the archdiocese arrived at a mutual understanding. Each would protect and support the other. Each would deal with scandals and corruption by looking the other way. The sheepskin of civil rights hid the wolf of minority segregation.

As the Church became more insular, the Democrats became more liberal. The passage of same-sex marriage in Illinois demonstrated the price the Church paid for the marriage of convenience between Catholics and Democrats.

In spite of this duplicity, many Democrats like those in the group “Catholics for Obama” still believe that the most anti-Catholic president in U.S. history is something other than what he is.

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  1. Any alliance between Catholics and any political party anywhere is an unholy one. The only thing more unholy is when Catholics ally themselves with any secular government.

    Just look at the execrable, decades-old alliance of the American Catholic bishops and the secular governmental welfare/warfare state.

    The prosecution rests.

    • You are absolutely correct, sir! Catholic Charities still hasn’t come down from their “high” after Pres. Obama mentioned them during his SOTU address. They just love working for the government!


      • “…after Pres. Obama mentioned them during his SOTU address.”

        Powerful vindication (not that I needed any at all) for my decision not to watch SOTU.

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