“IMPEACH OBAMA” T-Shirts and Displaying American Flag Deemed Illegal by Town


At issue is the enforcement of the Town of Campbell’s ordinance, 9.12, which prohibits the display of signs and flags on, or within 100 feet, of the only pedestrian overpass managed by the Town of Campbell. The Town enacted the ordinance on October 8, 2013 in response to some angry calls about the “Impeach Obama” expression on the t-shirts and the resulting media attention.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin on behalf of La Crosse residents Gregory Luce and Nicholas Newman against the Town of Campbell, its police chief, and one of his officers. Luce and Newman were participating in a nationwide movement called “Overpasses for America.”

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  1. I ceased flying the American flag right-side-up at my home probably 20 years ago. In the years since, I have been tempted many times to fly it upside down. However, I have refrained from doing so for the same reason that I never display a bumper sticker: I don’t want my property vandalized, nor anyone in/on it harmed, by some yahoo who doesn’t agree with me and decides to do something about it by making a destructive and/or violent gesture.

    This is the world we live in, and its effects can be—and are—frequently very local.

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