Some practical questions and answers about Heaven


Will we recognize loved ones in heaven? Will we relate to them in the same way as we do/did in this life? Given that heaven is eternal life, what will we do to pass the time; to keep from getting bored? What about finding out that a loved one went to hell and is suffering eternal damnation? Even in heaven, wouldn’t finding that out be extremely upsetting?

Father Trigilio’s response is as follows (slightly edited):



  1. HEAVEN, “The Ultimate Graduation!”
    Eye has not seen or Ear heard, What GOD has prepared, for ALL who Love Him!
    The One True God! See John 17:3**********************************

  2. This essay raises far more questions and speculations than answers and conclusions. Not that either of the latter about the next world are very achievable in this world.

    Practical questions? Perhaps. But since when did our earthly notion of “practical” have any relevance to Heaven?

    • Mark,
      You are right…there is Nothing Practical, about Heaven!
      Man has, little Conception, about the Supernatural.
      We have our Belieth in, the True God…..and He Is TRUTH!

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