Satanism and the Holy Eucharist


Because of the hate

…I asked Nicolas one final question. I told him that I had also heard that those who were very deep in Satanism could actually tell whether a communion host had been consecrated or not. For example, they will not steal communion bread from Protestant communion meals, nor will they steal unblessed communion bread for desecration at these “Black Masses.” It would not work because some of the Satanists would immediately recognize that it was just ordinary bread. They would be able to tell that Jesus Christ was not sacramentally present there.

I asked Nicolas whether this also was true. He again replied that it is, and he told us that he could do this himself before his conversion from Satanism. A chill went down my spine.

If someone were to put ten identical communion hosts in front of him, nine unconsecrated and one consecrated, he would have been able to point directly and immediately to the host that had been consecrated.

I asked him in amazement, “But how were you able to know?!?” He looked at me and the words he spoke are forever burned in my memory: “Because of the hate,” he said. “Because of the burning hate I would feel toward that host, apart from all the others.”

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Submitted by Nancy W.


  1. “They would be able to tell that Jesus Christ was not sacramentally present there.” (empasis added)

    Why the adverb? Unfortunately, despite the author’s intentions, it qualifies the adjective “present”: which, in this context, is absolute and in no need of a qualifier. In other words, the adverb unnecessarily dilutes an existential fact.

  2. A couple of years ago, I saw a YouTube on Anton LaVey and his, Satanic mass ( small m)…..I immediately turned it off!
    Why invite, and give access, to Satanic spirits, when they equate their Sacrafice to the consecrated host. That’s what the Satanic High priest( small p) was trying to convey! Just Awful!

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