Proposed canonization of Pope John Paul II: Just the latest “rupture” with Catholic Sacred Tradition.

If Pope John Paul II is declared a saint, false ecumenism will be canonized. How then should we view saints such as Edmund Campion and Fidelis of Sigmaringen, or others—uncanonized—who have upheld the True Faith in the face of adversity?

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Editor’s note: There’s big trouble in Vatican City – trouble which can no longer be simply ignored by faithful Catholics.

The blatant modernism of Pope Francis, his select group of cardinals, and the way they choose to operate, bears a striking similarity to the way Barack Obama and his corrupt regime prefer to get things done here in the good old USA.

Both fail to pass the “smell” test.


  1. Canonization of John Paul II (with or without John XXIII) would be the greatest disaster to befall the Church since the promulgation of the Paul VI mass, which was the greatest disaster since the commencement of Vatican II.

    That’s three modern, catastrophic disasters. I hope these things don’t come in sevens.

  2. seems that the heresy of liberalism secular humanism has come to the Vatican as it has already been here in the U.S. for quiet some time. It is the philosophy of tolerance to all things except true Christianity. Could write a book on this but it is everywhere and the libs love it. It is demonism.

    • This the Smoke Of Satan, and is Demonic, indeed!
      When, it comes to God, there is No Compromise! The liberal Humanist, are working, in the name of “Tolerance” to destroy the Church! The Prince of the Air, is Deceiving the Princes of the Roman Catholic Church….the Smoke is Blinding them! Meantime, the true Faithful, are not being Tended to, as Sheep without a Shepherd!

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