Walk into a typical Catholic bookstore and browse in the “spirituality” section, and you’ll see the best-selling books of such popularizers of the Jung Cult as priests Basil Pennington, Richard Rohr, and Thomas Keating.

Read the listings for “spirituality” programs and retreats in many diocesan newspapers. You will see that programs on Jungian dream analysis, discovering the child within, contacting your “god/goddess,” or similar such Jungian therapy programs predominate, even though they have nothing to do with Catholic spirituality and are inherently antithetical to it.

Forty years ago, the great Catholic psychiatrist Karl Stern in <The Third Revolution> (Harcourt Brace & Co.. 1954), wrote that most Catholic scholars recognized that Jung and Catholicism are incompatible-irreconcilable-and he warned that the Jungian who begins viewing religion as existing on the same plane as psychology ends up viewing all religions as equally irrelevant.

“As a German philosopher friend of mine once remarked with a pun,” wrote Stern, “<Das gleich Gultige wird gleichgutig> (that which is equally relevant becomes irrelevant). The curtain of the temple is conjured away with an elegant flourish. The border between nature and grace exists no longer, and no longer are you mortally engaged. Matters of the spirit are part of a noncommittal therapeutic method; Jacob no longer wrestles with the angel in a horrible grip which leaves him forever limping -instead, he takes his daily hour of gymnastics.”

In the years since, however, Catholic scholars, priests, religious, and laity have gone over to Jung with the fervor of Athenians flocking to the Oracle at Delphi.

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  1. Woe, to any Man, that follows in this Anti-Christin, Gnostic mixed with Science,approach to Spirituality!! A New Agers Dream!!!

  2. See Colossians 2:8
    Beware of Man’s Philosophies and Vain Deciets!

  3. Beware claims about Carl Jung made by those who have never read him, and fail to understand his ideas. The problem isn’t Jungian ideas being integrated with Christianity, the problem decried here is that some authoritative Christians are undermining the idea that ignoring secular thought constitutes a virtue for Christians. If we can dismiss all other systems of thinking as ‘false’ or ‘illusory’ or ‘unbiblical’ it sure makes it easier to continue casting ourselves as THE ‘possessors of truth’ and the rest of the world as ‘lost souls, in need of the light of our truth.’ That sure makes us feel good, but I don’t think it makes us more likely to embody the love of Christ.

    • You certainly have a right to your opinion, but in this particular context, I strenuously disagree.

      Thank you for commenting.


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