Reader Comment: How could a Pope be so gullible as to be taken in by a “Word of Faith” swindler and a 2-bit “bishop” of unknown origins?


A very interesting and heartfelt video – but a stupid thing to do!

Pope Francis already has a long, troublesome history of associating himself with “shady” partners and substandard “media outlets”. Now he provides a 45-minute personal video to a heretical “Prosperity Gospel” group from Texas, where a pseudo-bishop, a big-money, “Name It and Claim It” television preacher, and a dubious collection of doctrines are the primary order of the day.

Humility is great – but how about exercising a bit of good old prudential judgment and theological discernment, for a change?

This is a another huge miscalculation, a public embarassment, and a failure of ordinary due dilligence that will be widely misappropriated and misconstrued, in order to discredit and malign the Catholic Church, for years to come!

Full article and reader comments

Watch the video

Editor’s note: A huge number of our Protestant brethren … as well as the leadership of their particular denominations … according to their own generally accepted understanding of the Bible … continue to believe (and preach) that the Pope is the Antichrist. Just wait and see how they are going to “spin” this!



  1. Anyone else—besides me—not holding your breath waiting for Francis to send a “heart-warming” personal video to Bishop Fellay?

    • Look at the Bishops, look-alike Priest Garb ( button front … Like Benny Hinn-TV Evangelist-$$$). MEOW!

      • Are they willing to sell, the Church’Ancient Treasures to Evngelize the Seperated Brethren?

      • Only time will tell.


  2. Is the PROTEST Over???
    Is the Justification question Over?
    The Universal Church, has it really Unified All Christian Denominations?
    you would say Yes, to the Above, according to the Video! 🙂

  3. I had to visit the .video again! Keneth Copeland Ministeries, oh wow, this is the King of Prosperity Gospels! Where has the Pope ventured to?

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