Short video makes a startling point about liberals and guns

Watch the video

Submitted by Frank V.


  1. If only things were this simple, but they are not. “Conservative” Republican politicians, at least, are to be as feared by all of us at least as much as the Liberal Democrats with whom they consort and collaborate—most of the time—against the constitutional, just and disappearing freedoms of “we, the people.”


    • False conservatives of any party are liberals. Hence, the video applies to all of them, as well.



      • They are all statists, through and through: interested only in increasing the power of the state, which is the only thing all but a handful of them represent. All other labels are archaic and obsolete.


      • Except for the fact that hardly anyone these days actually knows what a Statist is – I agree.



      • Maybe fascist would be a better, more evocative epithet for them.


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