The (semi-official, new-church) Guidelines for Dramatizing the Passion of the Lord – or – how the Conciliar mandate can properly be fulfilled “in our time.”


Jesus Christ – crucified by unknown assailants

In order to save time, I will summarize: Jesus Christ was crucified in Jerusalem, around the year 33 AD, at the behest of unknown assailants, who were for some 1950 years, identified as “the Jews” – but who are not, any longer – because that would be politically incorrect and generally opposed to the “Spirit of Vatican II”.

Source document here


  1. I say it is long past time to edit the Gospel accounts of the Passion according to this enlightened sensibility. Inspired-schminspired! Everybody needs an editor.

    • Unknown Assailents???
      The Gospel accounts, should satisfy, any True Believer!
      That is what Salvation requires!
      The San Hedron, Started it all …by charging Christ was a Blasphemer ( He was the Son Of God!)
      The Governing Power ( The Romans) carried out the Punishment!
      What’s to Question?

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