Atheist reviewer pans “Son of God” movie.


A film so compromised even Satan failed to show up?

What would Jesus think of entertainment producers who translated his life story to the big screen in the hopes of a multimillion dollar payout? Does it make a difference if the film intends to bolster the faith of believers through shock and awe? What if it fails entirely at convincing doubters and skeptics of his worldview — or even at explaining why they should share his values?

All of the above applies to “Son of God,” a lavish hunk of sermon-tainment with all the gravitas of a Communion wafer. Married producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey had director Christopher Spencer and editor Robert Hall slice and dice their ten-hour History Channel miniseries “The Bible” (2013) — the one that supposedly cast a President Obama look-alike as Satan — into a 138-minute feature. (Perhaps to avoid further controversy, Satan does not appear in this film.)


Illustration credit: rossrightangle


  1. I saw the interview, on Hannity, of Fox News Corp. with the husband/wife Producers, of The Son Of God movie. Roma Downey, said, they were cutting ALL Satan scenes, due to the flack, they received during The Bible series! We know, they were accused of portraying Satan, as Obama ?…How can this be? There was just a Tad Of Resemblance, No More, No Less!

    • There was no way they were going to get a wide theatrical release of their movie with an Obama look alike playing Satan. Only perhaps, if Michelle was allowed to play the Virgin Mary!


      • Ah ha he HaHa…….TOO FUNNY! The People of this World, Would LOVE THAT, they already, Venerate her!

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