Despite all the warm, fuzzy rhetoric, remember: Jesus Christ is not some wimpy surfer dude.


Jesus Christ is not some wimpy surfer dude

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m one of those Latin Mass-only renegades that Father Too-hip and Sister Mary Polyester warned you about.

With that said, I must ask: When did Jesus become such a wimp?

Allow me to go a bit further, when did Christianity become so wimpy? When did The Savior become the world’s first great social worker?

And I don’t mean the artistic portraits of Christ as some kind of anorexic 16 year old, narrow shouldered little girl with a beard? That’s been going on way before Vatican II.

No, I’m referring to this theological Novocaine that pushes the agenda of Jesus being a cross between The Dude from The Big Lebowski, and some soft-spoken and equally smelly hipster with a butterfly tattoo on His ankle.

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  1. Peace, Love, Dope!
    Hey, has anyone ever, heard of the Butterfly = Resurrection?
    I had a Friend, lectured me on Facebook, that All Christians, know, the Butterflly means Resurrection! Tatoo Butterflies/ Butterflies are FREE!
    The world, wants to feminized Jesus, to make him look weak and gentle….Not God incarnate! He is the Son Of God.

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