PBS/Frontline “Secrets of the Vatican” show indicts Milwaukee Archdiocese and Cardinal Dolan, but never mentions corrupt homosexual Archbishop Rembert Weakland


Liberals never indict other liberals.


Even though Arbp.Weakland caused
and presided over virtually the entire,
scandalous mess.

See for yourself.

Editor’s note: I’m no fan of Cardinal Dolan, but he got stuck cleaning up Weakland’s mess and deserved better treatment from Frontline.


  1. I watched it!
    Pope Benedict was….The Man, Who Knew Too Much!
    God Bless Him, dealing with the Scandals, that were/are Plaguing the Catholic Church! He was a Theologian, placed into being a Cardinal,….THEN, The Pope!…to give it over to Pope Francis….we will see…a Real Mystery!!!

  2. Weakland= Objective Disorder
    Ignored by Frontline, for their own Progressive Agenda!

  3. Never was a corrupt prelate more appropriately named than Rembert Weakland.

  4. we are all weak Mr Higdon, even Bishops who spend a life-time doing good (as their conscience sees it, which all any can do) and then out of sheer loneliness, befriends an opportunistic middle age male, and reaches out to him…and is accepted. After 1-2 brief lapses, he does the rt thing and calls it off. he dealt with other cases of lapsed, poor judgement in moments of weakness, as he would himself. Jesus said, “love neighbor as yourself.” Few actually strive for that. He made mistakes and he tried to deal compassionately with others mistakes…pray for him, but don’t judge him so harshly unless you are without weakness or sin. Give the man some peace. He ended a life of service, (many applauded it, maybe not you) in shame. That’s his penance and a huge one.

    • “…as their conscience sees it, which all any can do…”

      Let me start there, Ken. Because that is not all anyone can do. In fact, we Catholics are—or should be—effectively indoctrinated to inform and conform our consciences by and to the perennial Magisterium (as opposed to the Vatican II-style, ambiguously-moral flavor-of-the-month). Weakland was surely old enough to know this and to know better, for he grew up during a time in which the Catholic Church in America was far more likely than not to both preach and practice that very principle. That goes specifically for his seminary formation, too.

      While noting the irony of his surname, I judge Weakland’s actions: as is my moral prerogative and duty, regardless of my own sins and weaknesses. His eternal lot is judged by Someone Else, obviously.

      As for my “giv(ing) the man some peace,” that is not mine to grant or deny him. And neither you nor I can possibly have an inkling of what would be sufficient penance for the late bishop. Or for each other, for that matter.

      If you are an adherent of the Pope Francis moral-discretion school—aka the “Who am I to judge?” Academy—then I fully understand your comment.

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