Navy veteran: I would strongly discourage any good man from joining the military.


In the Navy, particularly, it is extremely difficult to remain faithful to Christ’s teachings. You live day in and day out in the company to immoral people. Drunkenness is extremely common, as is theft, pornography, fornication, and adultery. Brothels in foreign ports make their wages for the year when American ships arrive.

The Navy is also extremely damaging to family life. 6-month deployments as well as numerous other underway periods steal a man’s time from his loved ones. Even while in port, 12 hour work days are the norm. I missed about 9 months of my first born daughter’s first year because I was out to sea. The stress and strain that puts on a spouse is, in my opinion, irresponsible of a husband. 

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Submitted by Mark H.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I am deeply committed to doing whatever I can from the pews to steer the Catholic Church in America away from its worship and usually-unqualified support of our warfare state. The way to “support our troops” is to first loudly demand that they be removed from all missions of foreign conquest and occupation and brought home to their only legitimate mission: defending their country and fellow citizens. Then we can all support them in that mission with clear consciences.

  2. I am an army veteran and can tell you it is the same. While in Germany the barracks during off time are wrought with promiscuity and drunkenness. Off base it is even worse. I would highly recommend that especially if you have a daughter not to let her go into the military. Most of the women in the military are promiscuous and encouraged to be that way. It is a very liberal atmosphere void of Christian morality. Stay away from this as a career.

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