Jordan River, Sea of Galilee drying up


The great biblical waterway is now little more than a shallow, unimposing trickle of sludge, a murky body of water that is in danger of withering into nothingness.



  1. Clearly, this is just cause for heavily-armed (how many thousands of bullets did they buy last year?) agents of the US EPA and NOAA to invade, occupy and administer these waterways. After that, the latter are sure to dry up completely.

  2. What a shame for Pilgrims of Christianity, throughout the world! I remember several years ago, when a large group of Catholic Prelates were Baptized in the River Jordan, honoring Jesus Baptism! I know it was Ceremonial, but odd to Re-Baptism!

    The Israeli Scientist are #1 in Water Ecology and creating Water Systems, especially Salt Removal desalination!

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