What’s really happening in Ukraine/Crimea

Understanding what Vladimir Putin is doing doesn’t require converting a media Beelzebub into a media St. Francis. It does, however, demand that we spit out the simple-minded gruel peddled by the MSM and the well-coiffed spokesbeings for the Washington-Brussels Axis of Putty.

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  1. “He is shrewd, ruthless, and autocratic. He is also very intelligent…”

    This description of Putin could also apply to Obama. The emperor, er, president is intelligent and shrewd enough to let a hair-mitred, arch-buffoon named John Kerry lead a choir of administration buffoons in flapping their arms and lips about Crimea. As for the “ruthless” and “autocratic” parts, they are ongoing and growing like an aggressive cancer on our nation.

    Meanwhile, the head of the “most transparent administration ever” continues to pursue cover, distraction and misdirection both from this “crisis” and from the utter, ongoing disaster aka “Obamacare.” And his sponsors—the military/industrial/security complexes, which really run the show—continue to agitate for whatever will maximize their power and profits.

    As for Crimea, we–i.e. the US–need to mind our own business and pray for a merciful and just outcome over there.

  2. Lord Arch- Buffoon Kerry, needs to stay OUT-OF-IT…there are plenty Of Earth Shattering Dilemas “Prince John” can do do for his Noble Peace Prize!
    Get Back to your 2 State Solution, fight! I feel your Presense, there, My Lord, with Turmoil!
    Or better yet, enjoy a peaceful Yachting Day, and a full order of French Fries, with Heinz catsup!

    Pray for Ukraine!

    • They recently sold the Heinz company to a company run by Warren Buffet.


      • So now, we’ll find more Heinz condiments at the end of the buffet table?

      • Indeed, Mr. Higdon!

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