The obtuse “Spirit” of Vatican II: many of our prelates today, going even to the highest levels of the Church, seem embarrassed by what the Church believes.


Blushing bishops

They seem to seek out politically-minded formulations that will allow them to escape secular criticism, rather than boldly proclaiming what the Church has always believed and believes now.

They very apparently fear men more than God.  I believe our Blessed Lord had some words for those who fear men more than God.

Text and video


  1. Didn’t bother following the link. Once I read the phrase “the spirit of Vatican II” anywhere, I move summarily on.

  2. I watched the video. Cardinal Dolan, must have got his orders, from Rome, to deliver, such a message to David Gregory! This is NOT Teaching, of Morals! There are Those, that truly want to subvert the Holy Catholic Church, in the Spirit of Vatican II…..But Why?
    I would rather follow Ancient Church Teaching, than to compromise, in the PC name of Tolerance!

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