It’s not “leftist” to help people in the slums or others in need. It’s Christ like!

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — On his first anniversary as pontiff Thursday, Pope Francis defended “slum priests” from the accusation their advocacy for the downtrodden reflects a different, leftist church that is remote from conservative Vatican values.

“The work of the priests in the slums of Buenos Aires is not ideological, it’s apostolic, and therefore forms part of the same church. Those who think that it’s another church don’t understand how they work in the slums. The important thing is the work,” Francis insisted in an interview made public Thursday.


Editor’s note: Anyone who has ever personally worked with the poor and needy knows that there is no “litmus test” involved. You just “wade in” and render whatever assistance you can – keeping a sharp eye out for fakers, thieves, con artists, tin-horn politicians and other “leeches”- as you go.

That said, working with the poor gives no one license to preach heresy or otherwise denigrate the Catholic Church, her dogmas or her Sacred and Apostolic Tradition.



  1. the libs use the poor and illegal and legal immigrants by giving them freebies while the working people have to pay to garner votes. There are now more getting freebies than are working it is called a welfare nation or socialism which is a gateway to communism. I give alms to the poor but soon the middle class will be the poorest. Food stamps cause the price of all groceries to rise because those paying w/f stamps don’t care about the price hey they get it free. But the working guy has to pay cash but he is now outnumbered and he pays the higher price to subsidize the welare state. Funny how so many are absolutely blind to this. ek

    • I tend to agree with you, but things may work a bit differently in the slums of Argentina, Venezuela and a number of other South American countries, where social “safety nets” often do not even exist.

      Thank you for commenting.


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