The confused lyrics of the Song of Pope Francis

The Pope and his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (EG)

The lyrics of the Song of Francis resonate with the platitudinous cant of the reformist avant-garde of forty years ago. Francis’s dream is precisely what—in EG—he criticizes in the thought of others: “empty rhetoric, objectives more ideal than real (EG 231)…” Apparently, we are not supposed to notice that during Cardinal Bergoglio’s tenure as Archbishop of Buenos Aires (1998-2013) there was no Catholic renewal but rather a drastic decline in every index of ecclesial well-being, especially the number of priests and religious. The Bergoglio legacy is in keeping with the overall decline of Brazilian Catholicism, with millions of Catholics, following a “renewal” that replaced bread with stones, defecting into Protestant sects. “I wasn’t being fed” is practically the mantra of ex-Catholics turned Protestants.

For all its talk of a more open-minded conception of the Church’s mission, EG is a narrow-minded document, rooted in parochial, seventies era Latin American prejudices against the Church universal.

Francis writes from the blinkered perspective of a reformist mentality that refuses to concede the indispensability of what the post-Vatican II “reforms” insanely suppressed: the Church’s Latin liturgical tradition, her intrinsically militant opposition to error as a sign of contradiction in the world, her essentially monarchical constitution as a reflection of the kingship of her divine Founder, and her very existence as a fortress against the Adversary.

Instead of leaving his prejudices behind in Buenos Aires along with his Pinocchio Mass and his lighting of the Menorah—a symbol of the destroyed Temple in Jerusalem—Francis would like to impose his outmoded parochial progressivism on the entire Church. CNN’s story on EG puts it most succinctly: “Pope Francis: No more business as usual….” The article reports that EG calls “for big changes in the Roman Catholic Church—including at the very top—saying the church needs to rethink rules and customs that are no longer widely understood or effective for evangelizing.” And that is exactly what EG does say.

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Editor’s note: Pope Francis’ vision has obviously been warped by Latin American political experiences. The big question: Will he willingly avail himself of God’s grace in order to overcome, or will he end up like Evita Peron?

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  1. Oh, What Joy!
    Not, talking about the Sacred Gospels!

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