Why is Michael Voris happy to criticize every Bishop – except the Bishop of Rome?

mvorisLove ya Mike, but to produce a video claiming criticizing Church leaders is divisive to unity and a scandal is as mad as a hatter given your own vocation!

Look around us. “Criticism” about the antics of kooky priests and bishops have done catastrophic damage to unity. Yet raising concerns about the undisciplined kooky statements, actions and inactions is your role for Christ’s Church.

It’s precisely what you’ve been doing.

You can’t have it both ways.

Read more at The Tenth Crusade


  1. Is there any longer any good reason to pay any attention to this guy at all, let alone take him seriously?

    • Michael does good work and as a result, he takes a lot of flack from many that are highly placed in the church. I just think he’s wrong on this particular issue.


      • Fair enough. That means one of us will continue to pay attention to him.

  2. SO CONFLICTED….The Smoke is suffocating me!

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