Traditional Catholics thank Pope Francis for making their salvation possible

Pope: only the humble, marginalized ‘obtain salvation’

.- In his daily homily Pope Francis dedicated his reflections to the virtue of humility, explaining that only the “outcasts” who recognize their need of God know what it means to be saved.

Editor’s note: Pope Francis has been marginalizing traditional Catholics and treating them like outcasts since his first days in office. Now we know he’s only been practicing “tough love”!


  1. Comment? Hmmmm…..

    What is left to say about Francis that has not already been said? By his serial outrageous and jejune pronouncements and behavior, he has succeeded in marginalizing himself beyond any comment worth making. Until that status-quo changes, I’m focusing elsewhere.

    • But Mark, you don’t have a blog to run!


      • Indeed, I don’t. And if I were mean-spirited, instead of merely puckish, I might say you have a First World Problem here. But I won’t.

      • Which proves in fact, there is a very fine line between the two!


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