In Another Groundbreaking Act, Pope Francis Confesses His Sins in Public

Pope Francis continued his rock star turn yesterday by breaking with tradition and publicly confessing his sins while leading a penitential liturgy in St. Peter’s Basilica.

The pope, dressed in a simple white alb and purple stole, spent about three minutes kneeling before the priest’s open confessional and received absolution.


Editor’s note: There’s nothing “groundbreaking” about a Catholic going to Confession – especially during Lent.


  1. So, this pope makes a media event and photo-op out of what should be the intimate and private reception of a great sacrament. Right out of the JP-II media relations playbook, although I don’t recall even the latter doing anything as lame as confessing out in the open.

    Of course, this is not the first time Francis has publicly confessed. After all, he went to the media to admit his long-ago theft of a rosary from a prelate’s open casket. (At the time of this revelation, I recall saying how creepy it all was: both the act itself and the subsequent public admission of it.)

    Another media-driven personality cult is metastasizing around this pope like a hyper-aggressive cancer. How much more of this must we endure? Is there any cure other than the death of the host?

    (And yeah, Doug, you don’t need to make me eat my words—from a previous post—of “moving on” from any further attention to this tiresome priest. I’m dining right now on my own rhetoric. Obviously, I can’t help myself.)

    • And to think it took him a WHOLE three minutes to confess ALL his sins!

      Thanks for commenting.


      • You’re welcome. And Hey! Who are you to judge how long it should take Francis to be shriven?

  2. Stunning Humbleness, taking the Most Private, to the Public Realm!
    There’s No Stopping Him!

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