Since Pope Francis, more Catholics say the church is in touch

Yeah … but in touch with whom?


  1. Secular poll results, once again. I stand by my point from a past comment: that people stupidly (and inaccurately) respond to leading poll questions, or lie to pollsters, or both. The results of this CBS poll are as vapid as the question is.

    To this extent, the poll is significant: It shows how lacking in Catholic substance many (most?) of the respondents are.

    As the sole route to Salvation, the Church needs to be in touch only with God, the sole Giver of Salvation. As long as that contact holds up, all else will fall into place. When that contact becomes severely clouded and strained, as it is now, we must all fear…greatly. If it is ever severed, we are doomed.

    To repeat myself once more: There is good reason why “Blessed are the Clueless” is not one of the Beatitudes. Any Catholic who responds to a secular poll about anything regarding the Church needs a big, fat clue to keep his mouth shut.

    As for the two-to-one Catholics who would like to meet Pope Francis, I would count myself in that majority. However, once I got my wish, His Holiness would no doubt regret that I did.

  2. I think, Our Heavenly Father, is going, to do a lot of WINKING!

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