Father Robert Barron’s inordinately charitable review of the Noah Movie makes me wonder what they’re teaching at the seminary he runs


by Doug Lawrence

First, let me paraphrase the Modernists: We know that the ancient people who wrote the Bible were crude, uneducated folk who merely set down in writing various myths that had been handed down to them by countless others. In light of that fact, modern-day biblical understanding, illuminated by our superior intelligence and our more highly developed rational thought processes, tends to be  substantially more reliable and much closer to the truth than the plain-sense, literal meaning of the biblical texts.

In short: THAT can’t be RIGHT.
THIS is obviously what God had in mind!

In his twisted but generally positive review of the dismally poor Noah Movie, Father Barron appears to “genuflect” to these Modernist ideas – something he has also often done in the past, in regard to other biblical matters. This tendency, when present in the Rector of a major Catholic Seminary, tends to leave me somewhat ill at ease.

Read Father Barron’s review here


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  1. doesn’t surprise me. Most Catholics are big time libs who vote mostly for the abortionist loving Obama. The stats bear this out 70% It makes no sense because Obama hates Catholics but I think it is the social justice mantra most Catholics are fools for. You know welfare of any kind is great. They are blind to the fact that social justice gov welfare is nothing more than moving toward socialism. But illegals like it because they get a lot of freebies. This is just speaking the truth and will eventually destroy the Church in this nation. Although most will say I am crazy for saying that it just proves that they do not see that one day when the Church refuses to marry queers they will get sued out of existence by lib judges. This will happen sooner than later my friend. eddy j kubena

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