Pope Francis lacks Catholicity – is he merely a victim of circumstance?


Having entered the Society of Jesus just seven months before the death of Pope Pius XII, Jorge Bergoglio was ordained just eighteen days before 1970:

– After mutiny had been declared in the face of Humanae Vitae

– After Catholic academics and clerics had virtually filed for divorce from the sacred Magisterium with the Land-O-Lakes Statement

– After Paul VI had suppressed the Oath Against Modernism, and

– After the promulgation of Missale Romanum for the Novus Ordo Missae.

While every one of his papal predecessors had at least some clerical grounding in the Church pre-Vatican II, however latent its influence may have been, Jorge Bergoglio ascended to the Chair of St. Peter with no such base to call home; he is a product of the rebellion through and through.

Now, this is not to suggest that the Holy Father is a victim of circumstance with no choice in the matter; he certainly does have a choice and the Lord will sort all of that out in due time. Rather, it is simply to speculate as to the underlying causes for the sad and unfortunately obvious state of present day affairs:

Pope Francis has not Catholicity.

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Editor’s note: Pope Francis lacks Catholicity in much the same way that President Barack Obama lacks patriotism.


  1. Oh, please: do not equate Francis’s renegade Catholicism in any way with BHO’s lack of “patriotism.” What is the latter, anyway? It is a secular concept that is utterly elastic. The Truth is absolute: not elastic in any way or degree.

    The editor’s analogy utterly fails the test of logic.

    • How then would you best describe their basic lack of appreciation for the respective underlying principles?


      • BHO has no principles other than BHO, and he clearly appreciates and respects that principle. That makes him a very small potato. Francis’s principles are renegade and many. Thus, to roughly equate the two in an analogy trivializes the enormity of Francis’s papacy.

        The critical difference lies in the stakes and the consequences relative to each of the proposed analogs. These differences are both of substance and degree. Nothing BHO binds on Earth will be bound in Heaven. Of course, none of Francis’s, er, errors (a charitably gross understatement) are binding on Earth or in Heaven either. The problem is that many Catholics think they are. And therein lie everlasting consequences, along with the difference that breaks the analogy.

  2. In what way? Where are the examples?

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