Catholic comedian Jim Gaffigan’s reflections on Pope Francis and the papacy


It would be great if you had a kid that ended up being Pope. That would be the ultimate bragging rights! “Oh you’re son’s a doctor? Ours is Pope. Oh, yours has a nice house. Our son has his own city. It’s in Europe.”

It would have been weird to go to high school with the Pope. Somebody did! Somebody was sitting at home in Argentina watching TV: “Wait a minute — THAT GUY is Pope?”

It’s not easy being a Catholic today in America. It’s a little like being a Cubs fan for the last hundred years. Love the team, not crazy about some of the management we’ve had.

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  1. Sorry. I just can’t bear to let myself get started. I am studiously avoiding—to the extent possible—any and all news and discussion about the current papal visit. (A grace of fortuitous charitable reflex recently stifled my tongue from any response to a young colleague’s expressions of excitement over her imminent trip to Philly for the event.)

    I defend what little remaining peace I have from unwonted disturbance. This is as far as I go.


    • Papal visit or not, I thought Gaffigan’s comment about the Chicago Cubs and the Catholic Church was right on the mark.



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