In light of the recently concluded papal visit, what are we to make of this?



  1. “…what are we to make of this?”

    Egad, Doug: Are you asking us to judge?

    But, really: Quoting Jesus is so 1950s!

  2. But didn’t the crowd LOVE and FOLLOW Jesus before they turned on Him?

    • Jesus spoke not of the “crowd,” but of the “world.” A huge difference. Refer to New Testament narratives of His speaking truth to the hypocricy of the Pharisees and their ilk, who clearly chose their “world” over their Messiah.

      BTW, even though I watched little news of the recent papal USA tour, I recall seeing and reading of no such scenes involving Francis. Indeed, he seemed to quite enjoy hobnobbing with the “world” and, in the process, neglecting to exploit many teachable moments.

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