A kind of non-denominational chaplaincy to the New World Order

In the first papal address ever given to the United States Congress by a Pope, the Vicar of Christ never mentioned Christ, but rather only Moses as the one who “leads us directly to God and thus to the transcendent dignity of the human being.” Given an historic opportunity to preach Catholic truth to secular power, Francis held up as models for imitation not Christ, nor any of the saints of the Catholic Church, but rather Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, the controversial convert Dorothy Day…

In the aftermath of the Pope’s address, even the Jewish radio talk show host Michael Savage could see what is happening.  He described it (during his show on September 25) as “a seamless integration of Church and State.” By this he means the de facto absorption of the Church into the modern state system and the reduction of the role of the papacy to that of a kind of non-denominational chaplaincy to the New World Order.

Truly we are seeing fulfilled before our very eyes the process Bishop Rudolf Graber described in the 1970s: that of synarchy, the very fulfillment of Masonic designs according to which “Catholicism, like all religions, would consequently be absorbed into a universal syncretism.

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  1. Two things:

    1) Although orthodox Catholic teaching has always held the death penalty to be just when applied in appropriately proportional and grave circumstances, such application can occur in a secular society only if its governance is based on Godly justice for all. Our corrupt society and its governments on every level have miserably failed that standard for decades, if not centuries. Therefore, the death penalty in the US deserves a moratorium at least, if not outright abolition.

    2) While I still cling—although more and more tenuously—to my opposition to sedevacantism, I am now convinced that any and all sedevacantists of good will out there will be forgiven their position in the end. No pope more than the present one has made a better case—if unintentionally—for sedevacantism.

    • I bet the folks at Most Holy Family Monastery, are cranking out the Videos, on this Pontiff!

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