“Suddenly blessing what the Church always condemned” is the hallmark of the Vatican II reforms.


Communion in the hand and so-called Eucharist lay-ministers make a mockery of the Divine Truth that Our Lord is truly present in every particle of the Eucharist, and make a mockery of the holy rubrics used by the Church for centuries as a safeguard against desecration.

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  1. My story:

    I was about nine (65 now), receiving Holy Communion at the linen-covered rail, when our revered elderly pastor, Fr. Streck, dropped the host intended for my reception into my clothes. It was winter, so I was layered with coat, sweater and shirt. Fr. could not then see the Host that he had fumbled.

    With quiet, but unmistakable command, he bade me carefully rise, walk slowly and carefully around the end of the rail into the sacristy, sit and not move a muscle until after Mass. Nearly petrified, I did as ordered, moving only the muscles needed to get to the chair where I was to wait. All the way there, I was under the intense gaze of the priest, lest he miss the Host falling out of my clothing. I sat without that happening. And waited. For what seemed an eternity.

    After Mass, Fr. bade me rise. Then, with his help and under the same intense gaze, I began to remove my outer layers of clothing. Shortly, the Host appeared, without falling to the floor. Fr. then proceeded as the rubrics of that situation required.

    Well over 50 years later, it is as though it happened yesterday.

    • Great story! Did you manage to actually receive Holy Communion, that day?


      • I think so but, honestly, I don’t remember that part of the incident.

  2. i sent this to a fellow parishioner. She replied “Rubbish”/ I was shocked. I was testing the waters. My resolve has been strengthened. I will increase my alerting of fellow Catholics, including through public notices in the secular media

  3. You will be encouraged by http://www.petalsfromheaven.com Find the message from May 7, 1996. Regarding the reverent reception of The Holy Eucharist. August 2, 2000, (….his hands are consecrated, yours are not…) November 11, 2007 “…How many of these instances are extreme?”

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