QUESTION: Christians, If god didn’t sacrifice himself to himself to bypass a rule he made, then what did he do exactly?


Jesus resolved a “structural” problem that occurred as a result of Adam being swindled out of his God given earthly dominion by Satan, the devil.

As a result of Adam’s fall from grace, Satan managed to enslave Adam and all of his offspring under an evil dominion, based on the power of death.

God permitted such a thing because Adam was properly and completely educated (warned in advance) by God and should have known better. Once Adam lost everything to Satan, there was no (natural) way of reversing (restoring) things. Hence, God stepped up to right the wrong.

True God and true man, Jesus is the sinless, fully authorized and fully qualified “kinsman redeemer” – the only one who has the supernatural power, as well as the “natural right” to step in and redeem mankind from perpetual slavery to Satan, sin and death. But it would not be easy and it would not be accomplished the way most would expect.

Because Jesus is God – and because Jesus is also a sinless man, Satan had absolutely no power (the power of death or otherwise) over Jesus – so Satan and his minions (the corrupt Jews and the pagan Romans of the time) had absolutely no authority to put Jesus to death.

They went ahead and crucified him anyway, even though they should have known better. They had been warned, all the way back in Genesis 3:15.

Jesus permitted it to happen, since when Jesus died on the cross, Satan’s evil dominion over mankind and the earth was forfeit and mankind now had a (perfect and sinless) new leader – the resurrected Jesus Christ, the Messiah, King of Kings and Lord of Lords – the one who Satan had absolutely no power over.

Now, all power on earth and in heaven (as well as everywhere else) was awarded to the New Adam – the resurrected Jesus Christ – fully God and fully man – who had effectively “crushed the head of the serpent” – freeing mankind from the power of perpetual death and hell – just as he promised, so long ago – and who, by his glorious resurrection, proved all that I claim here and more.

God the Father was pleased, freely bestowing grace, peace, divine adoption, protection from eternal death and much, much more, on all who choose to swear faithful allegiance to his divine son, Jesus – something that is typically accomplished through water baptism, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as well as through faithful membership and regular, consistent participation in the work, worship, sacraments and devotions of the only Church that Jesus Christ ever personally founded, authorized, empowered and perpetually guaranteed, for the purpose of our salvation – the Holy Catholic Church.

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  1. Christ had to die, to pay for our sins. There is no reason to blame the Jews or Pagan Romans. For Christ was the Propitiation, blameless and sinless, sent by God the Father, through his Precious Blood! Hallelujah to the Lamb Of God!

    • Satan didn’t crucify Jesus directly. He used his minions (the corrupt Jews and the Pagan Romans) to do it. And they were happy to help! But as the acknowledged “Prince of This World” Satan was in charge, so he is primarily responsible. And while Jesus willingly sacrificed himself and paid the price for our sins, the fact that Satan orchestrated his death by means of the “dirty work” of certain corrupt Jews and Romans makes Satan the key, guilty party. In fact, all the “guilty” parties involved were severely punished. Satan’s evil dominion of death was destroyed, at the Resurrection. Jerusalem was destroyed and the Temple Worship System terminated, some 40 years later. Then, after Rome had been substantially converted to Christ, it too ceased to exist, with the Catholic Church promptly stepping up to rebuild western civilization (for the next thousand years or so), in the image of heaven. Alleluia to the Lamb Of God!

      • Romans 3:24-25 GOD sent His Son to be a Proptiation for our sins!

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