What to do? For probably the first time in history, the phrase, “Is the Pope Catholic?” is no longer merely rhetorical.

Next stop: Antichrist revealed?

Question: …From his many statements, it is very clear that the pope has given a tacit approval to homosexuality.

In one of his interviews, he said “Who am I to judge?” The Pope is not able to assertively state that homosexuality is sinful. Instead, he indirectly says homosexual practice is acceptable, as long as the person lives a good life.

What to do?

Answer: That particular statement is merely “the tip of the iceberg”! Increasing numbers of Catholics are beginning to wonder if Francis is really the Pope, since it’s highly unlikely that any “real” Pope would even consider saying and doing such ridiculous and even, heretical things.

For probably the first time in history, the phrase,
“Is the Pope Catholic?” is no longer merely rhetorical.

The current infestation of the Holy Catholic Church by the worldwide network of homosexual clergy, including up to one third of all Catholic Priests and one half of all Catholic Bishops – not to mention a host of corrupt Catholic seminaries, Catholic religious orders and the Vatican itself – has also yet to be officially addressed, in any meaningful way.

Five things to do, until things in the Holy Catholic Church
finally improve:

1) Send a silent, but clear, message: Continue to attend Mass, but rather than offering the standard, verbal responses or participating in the usual hymns, respond “Sotto Voce” (quietly, to yourself) instead;

2) Starve the scoundrels: Reduce personal Church offerings to no more than $1 per week. Contribute freely to other, (verifiable) worthy ministries, instead;

3) Institute a year-long Eucharistic Fast: Refrain from receiving the Holy Eucharist. Make a silent, personal, “Spiritual Communion” instead. If Francis IS the Pope, you probably don’t want to be too closely “in communion” with the likes of him. If it turns out that he’s NOT actually the Pope, the same is even more true. But, remember to faithfully fulfill your Easter Duty;

Even the most “thick headed” Catholic Bishops will likely be able to figure that something is very, very wrong, when the congregation goes silent, the weekly collections “dry up” and all the people refuse to go up and receive Holy Communion!

4) Enlist the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her divine son, Jesus: Pray the Holy Rosary, AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

5) Keep all your personal, spiritual affairs in good order: Because once end time events begin, they will likely proceed, at a very rapid pace.

I mention this last point because two things are always true: 1) The return of Jesus Christ is always liable to occur at any time; 2) If Jesus doesn’t choose to return during your lifetime, there’s no doubt that you will (shortly) find yourself appearing before him, in Judgment.

Asked and answered today on Yahoo! Answers (edited for content and clarity)

Further study (link): An act of idolatry made at the Vatican with the participation of the Pope

(Photo by Giulio Origlia/Getty Images)


  1. Almost every world leader you see walking about is either:

    1) a free mason (Donald Trump, the white Pope, etc.). Almost vveryone in hollyweird and the media.

    2) a clone with a VRIL in it’s head (Joe Biden)

    3) a #2 VRIL

    4) a clone controlled from a DUMB

    5) a tranny (PMs of Germany, New Zealand, 1/2+ of every female in the Congress and Senate etc.)

    6) A lizard or owl hybrid wearing a meat mask (Nancy Pelosi etc.)

    There is a world wide battle between two basic free mason forces going on. The OG free masons led by Donald Trump.

    The other’s led by the black pope and the Illuminati. This includes the white pope, most of hollyweird and the media, disney, nasa, cia, navy, the uk, probably russia. The follow supposedly Assad as the Muslim’s 13th prophet. They worship underground “space” alien lizards and sacrifice children to Baal. That includes the drone (clone with a VRIL) so called white pope. His real body is probably lying in the Nova Scotia DUMB cloning center where NASA and the (fake) ISS is.

    Read article #4 if you want to know why the pope and other’s showed up with black eyes at


    If you do not come out of the perverted RCC, you are going to surely die and end up in hell the same as these perverts in the Protestant churches with homosexual male and female “pastors”. Jesus just did a miracle for me at the ELCA to prove how blind these fools really are.

    Give up the KJV and RCC Bibles, Jesus is going to make sure they are going to be utterly worthless with Mandela Effects. I am currently using a 1599 Geneva, though that work offends Jesus too.



  2. Oh my! I choked on #3, no pun intended. You might as well have said “Shoot yourself in the foot daily for a year. That’ll show ’em!”

    To deliberately fast from the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity afforded by the Sacrament to make a statement is so far off the rails, I know not what else to say except “Rethink that one, Doug.”

    For my part, I decided some time ago to leave the restoration of the institutional Church entirely in God’s hands. That is my simple prayer to Him. As long as valid Sacraments remain available to me, I will survive and thrive on them.

    BTW, as for the sotto voce thing: I started long ago attending the Mass of the Ages whenever possible (alas rarely). When not, I merely mumble the appropriate Latin prayers and responses wherever they still fit.


    • Initially, I had a problem with #3 as well, but from a traditional standpoint, there’s nothing unusual or illicit about receiving Holy Communion only once a year. Also, the immediate impact of such a thing on Church authorities would likely be impossible for anyone to ignore. Imagine what the phone call to the Bishop might sound like, after a Sunday Mass where nobody went up to receive Holy Communion and the collection amounted to only a couple of hundred dollars. I trust that Jesus will have no problem “making up” the deferred grace for us, once the Church is finally cleaned up.


      • Sorry, my friend. Due to just plain groundless suppositions (starting with postulating that participation would be sufficient to register even on an astute observer), your defenses of your #3 premise are even weaker and leakier than the premise itself.

        That has nothing to do with the licitness of what you propose. It has everything to do with the strategy of deliberately denying oneself the greatest graces available to us here on Earth in the expectation that the Lord will make up for our ill-advised, self-inflicted losses after He has cleaned up the Church, in recompense for our “sacrifice.” In all of the history of the Church, I cannot recall any rational proposal by anyone–beginning with the Lord Himself–of that kind of self-denial for any reason other than unworthiness.

        Your #3 proposes the exact opposite of what faithful Catholics should be doing now, i.e. making more frequent Holy Communions. You all but suggest that, for them to do so, would give weak-kneed, clueless bishops the wrong message that everything’s A-OK. Who cares what those people think? Let God sort them out, the operative word being “out.”

        Meanwhile, we all need the Eucharist now more than ever.


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