“…a real profanation, an act of pure apostasy, with those filthy and satanic images of pachamama.”

Abp. Viganò calls on Pope Francis to ‘convert’ for Pachamama idolatry in St. Peter’s

Francis’ pachamama demon idol

“The faithlessness of the Sacred Pastors is a scandal for their confreres and for many among the faithful, not only in terms of lust of thirst for power, but also — I might say especially — when they touch the integrity of the Faith, the purity of the Church’s teachings and the holiness of morals.”

“[These clerics] have even committed acts of unprecedented gravity, such as we saw with the adoration of the pachamama idol in the Vatican itself,” he said.

“Indeed, I think Our Lord has rightly become indignant at the great multitude of scandals committed by those who ought to be setting a good example, because they are Shepherds, to the flocks to whom they have been entrusted.”

Full story here


  1. The precedent of idol worship on sacred ground has already been firmly set by previous popes up to and including the present. Should there be any wonder at all, then, that bishops throughout the world are shutting down that same sacred ground to worship by Catholics of the One True God Made Man at the holiest time of the worship year?

    The bishops have rendered unto Caesar what is most certainly not his, left their faith–if any–in their plush domiciles and totally betrayed their flocks: all due to panic politically ginned up by governments over a routine virus. The prelates have declared as their primary obligation protecting the physical health of the faithful, while withdrawing from them the most important means of spiritual health and eternal salvation.

    God is infinitely merciful. And infinitely just. Never forget the latter.


  2. I agree. But you have to admit, it’s nice to see these types of remarks coming from a Catholic Archbishop.


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