Why watching Mass on TV is so unsatisfying

Watching Mass on TV
is a lot like a beggar
who hasn’t had a good meal in days,
peering through the window of a gourmet restaurant,
watching a feast.

Seen at Canon212.com


  1. I want the Real McCoy and the Real Presence, not the Real Absence and the Clayton’s (erzatz) Mass. The complete closure of the churches is a dereliction of duty, and betokens a hidden agenda on the part of the State, the Church or both. The laity are hopping mad Clergy, beware when you reopen the doors. Things may get fractious in the foyer.


  2. Next time – and there will be a be a next time -let us not be caught on the wrong foot.again. i was actually in church waiting for mass when we were told: Sorry but mass is off till further notice. Take your bugs home with you. We trooped outside where I howled like a banshee.
    You all right? the others said. Box of birds! I hissed, thinking ‘Yes, you’d stride to the guillotine without a murmur ‘Whatever you say, Father. We’ll hear each other’s confessions’. I’ve been ropeable ever since..’Take your bugs with you’ was thrown in for a better story. The rest is fair dinkum. I later told my parish priest i’m a religious activist.
    His response was ‘You’re a good man Charlie Brown’..


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