Todays Question: A question for any religious or non-religious person to answer; why do you believe what you do?

Question: This question is not intended to be malicious or condescending. I just want to know why.

As a person with a significantly large portion of religious family members and friends, all with conflicting ideas and beliefs, I’ve always been curious about what lead them to that particular system or thought process.

Personally, I’m not a believer of any organised religions (Christianity, Islam, etc) so it would be nice to have another perspective from someone who does. Also, for anyone who has changed their faith from one religion to another, or from none to one, or from one to none at all – what made you change? If you don’t believe in certain parts of the texts of your religion, what reason is that for?

If you’re comfortable to say, what about your stance on LGBT+ topics within your religion? Do you know people who use religion to shield their harmful beliefs? [‘Harmful beliefs’ are not just limited to LGBT+ topics! Any mindset that has a negative impact on themselves or another person also applies.]

[Please do not talk down to anyone or say things about turning to one faith or else a person will be met with negative consequences. It’s not pleasant nor will it change a person’s mind. Using fear to promote or force a belief onto another person shouldn’t be tolerated.]

Answer: First of all, fear is a necessary and useful component of almost any human endeavor, since without fear, undisciplined, irrational and unreasonable behavior almost always results; behavior which could (literally) be fatal.

And in the case of true religion, the consequences may also be eternal.

As for me, I spent the better part of sixty years diligently studying all world religions, as well as the philosophies of men, carefully correlating and evaluating all the various claims and beliefs. That process is a continuous, life-long effort, which will not likely cease, until I die.

At one point, I took two years off in order to finalize my studies and come to a practical, working decision, in order to go forward. It was then that I determined that the only authentic religion on the planet is Catholicism.

All the others fell short in various ways, but essentially, they lacked sufficient rational truth, logic and/or actual historical evidence and experience.

Catholicism not only completes the old Judaic Tradition (in Jesus Christ) but it also provides the historical evidence, the standard method of practical application, plus all the necessary rationale and power for its’ universal efficacy and acceptance.

Acting on that premise, I spent a number of years getting practical field experience, by actually working in various Catholic Church settings, interacting with both clergy and lay people (often at the very highest levels) where I witnessed and experienced heart-rending disappointments, betrayals, corruption and failures, as well as very substantial numbers of extraordinarily good and holy people, along with what appeared to be several genuine, divine miracles, which are impossible for me to rationally discredit or dismiss.

I’ve been informed that many/most people fail to perform such “due diligence” regarding matters of faith, so (true or not) I consider my experience and personal motivation to be a gift from God.

Regarding sin, homosexuality and all other related issues: Divine revelation painstakingly and consistently informs us that such things offend God and so, should be avoided; if not out of due concern for ourselves, our communities and our eternal destiny, then out of sufficient respect for God, himself.

The bottom line: I no longer fear death and I am typically, able to live my life in peace, no matter what the current conditions of the world may be.

God provides for all my needs; usually, before I even know what those needs might be.

I hate no one and I tend to be generous (yet prudent) towards all, with my personal time, talent and treasure, since my experience and my faith informs me that God will provide more, if necessary, out of his supernaturally abundant supply.

As a small, token gesture of thanks and praise to God, who has so richly blessed me and mine, I went ahead and made many of my experiences and resources freely available to others on my website:

The site specializes in providing down to earth answers to heavenly and eternal questions, illuminated (primarily) by the wide-ranging, 2000 year-old collection of superb, Catholic theology and philosophy, based on the personal testimony of Jesus Christ and his Apostles, as well as the practical works of some of the greatest saints, scholars and theologians who ever walked the earth.

I trust that it will suffice. 

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